By Riya Chakrabortty, 1st September, 2021

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The moon borrows the light from the sun to illuminate at night,

The boats borrow the strength from the wind to sail on rivers,

The seeds borrow moisture from the earth to germinate,

All these elements have been borrowing for centuries to exist in the universe like a family,

Then why do only humans feel small and inferior just at the thought of ‘borrow’

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By Riya Chakrabortty November 24th, 2020

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Did you ever tread to the shore,

And watched the wild compassion of the moon and the tides;

In the silence of a summer night.

Did you ever sit by the window,

And watch the city getting draped in the falling snow;

In the silence of a wintry night.

Did you ever listen to the echo of silence,

When the dark clouds hover the skyline;

And the nature hold its breath for a while,

In the anticipation of an approaching storm.

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By Riya Chakrabortty

When time change

The change brings evolution,

And the whole universe breathe in its potent.

When season change

The change brings new essence,

And shapes the nature in its charm.

When people change

The change is unpleasant,

It makes them mean, ungrateful and heartless creature in the world.

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Nature’s Daughter

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Sometimes when the society try to dominate women and treat them in an unbiased ways. Then the elements of nature takes revenge from the society for being inhuman and often teach them lessons.

By Riya Chakrabortty July 20′

Nature’s Daughter

When people made me feel unwanted,

The clouds felt the pang of my sorrow

And wept for hours,

Shedding my share of tears.

When people stabbed my soul with their cold words,

The wind felt the ache of my wounds

And threaten the town by unleashing my share of rage with its violent strokes.

When people snatched away my breath of freedom,

Thunders heard the silent cry of my dieing spirit

And frightened the town with its havoc lightening.

My dear folks don’t feel afraid of me,

For I am neither a witch nor a demon

I am only Nature’s darling daughter.

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Solar Eclipse


By Riya Chakrabortty, June20′

This is just a thought which I have portrayed in the form of a verse. I hope you enjoy it.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

It’s the historic day when the Sun married the blue planet Earth millions of years ago,

It’s an auspicious day when the Sun offers a diamond ring to his wife as a token of love,

It’s the holy day when the whole universe along with the children of earth witness the grand celestial ceremony of a few hours in silence and darkness,

May this beloved couple reign forever and continue to celebrate their love for infinite years.

I derive my inspiration from the celestial bodies. Their unique beauty and mysterious ways evokes my curiosity. I believe the little knowledge the human race have been able to collect about them is not enough. There’s more about them which the mankind have not been able to unfold.

This is because their life began millions of years ago and in this vast journey they have evolved and become more beautiful and stronger and possess more experience compare to us. The experience of human race about life is like a tiniest dot when being compared to the experience of celestial bodies. And we often tend to forget this fact.

Through this post I am paying my respect and gratitude to our Universe.

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By Riya Chakrabortty June20′


A feeling of emptiness that longs for a companionship,

A feeling of unwanted that longs for affection,

A feeling of helplessness that yearns for a hand to hold in distress,

A feeling of hopelessness that yearns for a faint light to survive.

Loneliness is the most terrible feeling that grows within us when we fail to communicate with the people around us.

In this busy world people often fail to squeeze their time out from their schedule for their loved ones. And this small ignorance make them feel lonely and unwanted. And gradually with time our loved ones get consumed in the dark dungeon of depression which at times cost their precious lives.

So from today onwards

Please render your time to your loved ones.

Love them and make them feel important because they are the ones for whom we are able to shine in our lives.

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Memory Lane

By Riya Chakrabortty, June 20

#romanticpoem #nostalgia

This poem is about all the sweet moments that we create in every phase of our life with our ‘Special one’.

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The Last Song

By Riya Chakrabortty June 20′

#sorrow #depression

This poem highlights the sorrow and depression phase we go through when life’s distress consumes us. And the hope of living another day fades away because we cannot find a reason to live another day in peace. At this juncture ending life seems the only way to find peace and also a way to escape from the tormenting pain.

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By Riya Chakrabortty June 20′

This poem reveals the depth of affection of a passionate lover. She express the secret desires of her heart which she feels strongly for her lover. She pays tribute to her lover for evolving her into a better being. And she conveys her gratitude in a poetic way. In the beginning of the poem she reveals how she has absorbed every colour of him in her soul. And like all other passionate lover she also feels that her love story is an epic and she secretly desires to weave her tale through music and novel. She wishes to live in the soul of others as an epitome of love birds forever.